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Reclaim Your Wellness Journey

Is your wellness journey a struggle? Does focusing on the principles of self-care, nutrition, and physical activity without focusing on weight loss seem like an unattainable goal? Do you want to reclaim the joy in your wellness journey?

Well, I am here to tell you that you can seek wellness without pursuing weight loss. In fact, weight loss can sabotage your wellness journey! You can focus on yourself without focusing on weight loss and feeling like your body needs to be fixed.

Contrary to what you see all the time, wellness is not dependent on lower body weight. In fact, you can be at any weight, explore wellness, and see improvements in all areas of your life.

stop dieting, reclaim your wellness journey
Higher weight doesn’t mean worse health

How do you know weight loss can sabotage your quality of life?

Research! Studies show that people that focus on their weight negatively and experience body dissatisfaction have less satisfaction with themselves and lower quality of life.1 People that have weight bias internalization, when we take all the negative weight talk around and believe it ourselves, and are seeking weight loss have poorer quality of life. What does this mean for your wellness journey? This means that if you are seeking weight loss because you feel the pressure from yourself and others to lose weight, your wellness journey will be sabotaged. You won’t end up with the better life that you want. You might even end up with poorer quality of life!2 Imagine putting in all the effort to achieve your goals and actually be sabotaging yourself from finding the quality of life you truly want because you are focused on weight loss. You deserve better!

So what can I do to stop the self-sabotage and reclaim my wellness journey?

stop dieting, reclaim your wellness journey
Reclaim your wellness journey

Drop the weight loss and live weight neutral! Weight neutral means that you don’t focus on your weight. It is no longer a marker of your success, your health, and your worth. By dropping the focus on weight, you can use that brainpower for things that are important to you. What can you do with the time you’ve freed up? You can make strides in your self-care, discover joy in your movement, and find foods that nourish and satisfy you. You can reclaim the joy in your wellness journey.

But it’s hard…

I hear you, it is hard. Weight stigma and bias, that negativity that we see around higher-weight people, is all around us. It is so ingrained that living weight neutral can feel awkward and rebellious at times. But we can see results!

One study looked at how the quality of life for women might change when they stopped seeking weight loss and started practicing weight neutrality, weight acceptance, self-compassion, and mindfulness. These women actually reported increased quality of life, decreased weight self-stigma, decreased emotional eating, and decreased weight-related experiential avoidance.3

That is amazing!

These women were living better when they dropped their weight focus! Imagine being able to do any activity that you want without thinking about your weight first. What would it be like to stop the frequent emotional eating? To experience less weight-related stress? It sounds like freedom! And exactly the kind of freedom that you deserve to have in your life!

Reclaim your wellness journey

How can you be so confident that I can kick weight loss and reclaim your wellness journey?

I know you can do it too because I did. I am in a larger body. Years ago, I tried to focus on weight loss and wellness at the same time. I found that I was so preoccupied with my weight that even when I tried to focus on my wellness goals, I failed. When I tried to increase movement that I enjoyed, I was too tired because I was dieting. I wanted to try new things but I let weight self-stigma keep me from it.

Thankfully, I finally went weight neutral. I freed up my time. More importantly, I freed up the emotional bandwidth I needed to finally go all-in on my wellness goals. Working on my self-care, eating in ways that were pleasant and gave me energy made me feel better. My quality of life increased so much. I was so much happier. You can be happier too!

Besides, sustained weight loss is a unicorn

Weight loss is difficult. You’ve probably tried to lose weight before. Sometimes it’s successful and sometimes it’s not. And even when you do lose weight, you likely gain it back. Sustained long-term weight loss is a unicorn.

Why is that? Your body wants to keep you alive. Isn’t that fantastic! Before humans had 24-hours grocery stores and Grub-hub deliveries, we had things tough. Sometimes there wasn’t enough to eat. Human bodies developed ways to get through times with little food. When your body doesn’t have enough food, it slows down your metabolism so you use less energy.

Even when you start getting enough food, your metabolism stays lower. Also, your body releases hormones that make you hungrier so that you eat more. Then it also releases hormones that make you want to be less active. These things help us regain lost weight.4

Reclaim your wellness journey

So when we seek weight loss we can’t be certain that we will get it. But you know what is certain when we seek weight loss? You feel bad if you don’t lose weight, and you feel even worse when you gain the weight back after losing it.

But it is not your fault! It is your body doing what it is meant to do! And this is part of the reason that seeking weight loss while also seeking wellness is counterproductive. Wellness is about feeling better, in your health choices, in your body, and in your spirit. It is not about feeling bad about yourself, your body, and your ability to control your weight. Reclaim your wellness journey by rejecting weight loss as a measure of wellness.

How does Weight Neutral Wellness work?

When you drop the weight loss, you free up that mental effort. You focus on all those things that are truly important to you. Practicing self-care by taking time for yourself and working on all those little things that rejuvenate you. Giving yourself grace when things don’t go 100% right. Learning how to be mindful in all aspects of your life by doing things with purpose and knowledge of what your goals and values are. Restructuring your relationship with food in a way that allows you to find pleasure and nourishment in food. Improving your view of your body so that you stop seeing it as something to be fixed.

Doesn’t this sound fantastic to you? Imagine a you that moves through life focusing on your goals and values without the stress of worrying about weight. You deserve a better way to wellness.

Do something wonderful for yourself. Reclaim your weight loss journey. Set up your free 15-minute clarity call now.


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