Are you sick of feeling like you need to lose weight to be happy?  Are you done with food rules and diets? Do you want to reclaim your joy in your body?

Stop dieting and start living weight-neutral. Let me help you live the life you deserve! 

Does this sound like you?

You struggle with your food choices. You aren't sure what is best for your body and your health.  There is so much confusing information about health, wellness, and weight that you don't know where to start. All you know is that you are ready to kick the diet mentality and start living for better health.

Weight Neutral Wellness is here to help.  With my individualized nutrition coaching, you will find the support and guidance you need to achieve your nutrition goals.  You will be empowered to make the nutrition choices that are right for you without feeling like you are bound to restrictive habits.

Using my anti-diet and weight-neutral approach, you will find balance so you can feel your best while still making progress toward your goals.  And you will never have to think about weight loss again.

What is weight-neutral wellness? 

Weight-neutral wellness is a method of improving your health and quality of life without focusing on your body weight. The focus shifts to factors you can change such as sleep and eating habits. It is a practice that reduces weight bias in health and wellness care.

Anti-diet weight neutral wellness coach. Registered Dietitian in North Carolina. Accepting insurance.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth.

I help women in larger bodies live a life full of happiness, joy, and health without weight loss goals.  You deserve to be fulfilled in your relationships with food, exercise, and your body.


I am a weight-neutral and body-positive registered dietitian and certified lifestyle coach with years of experience providing nutrition and wellness counseling to clients. As a wellness provider in a larger body,  I am passionate about helping other women in larger bodies find balance and joy in their lives with wellness, not weight.


Want to know more about my nutrition and wellness approach? Check out my capstone lesson on why you should ditch the diets and reclaim your weight-neutral wellness journey. It can be found here

Do you want results like these?  You can ditch the diets and develop the confidence in yourself to make positive changes to your health. Get started now by taking the first steps.

Weight Neutral Wellness is now accepting one-on-one patients in North Carolina.  Currently accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, and Cigna insurance. Private pay is available. 

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