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5 Benefits Of Ditching the Diet Rules And Loving Food Again

It is okay to start ditching the diet rules.

It is 4 PM. You are at work and you don’t get off for an hour. And you are hungry. That shake you had for lunch wore off hours ago. You have a granola bar in your desk drawer but the diet you are on says you shouldn’t eat granola bars. So you resign yourself to hunger for a few more hours.

Does this sound like you? Dealing daily with diet rules? I know that you have those diet rules because you want to be healthier and you’ve heard that is the best way. But have you noticed that your diet rules are keeping you down?  You have a hard time enjoying your food, grocery shopping, and eating out with friends. Your diet rules are keeping you from having that healthier life that you want. It isn’t easy to ditch diet rules. I know you can do it. You will find so many benefits when you finally start ditching diet rules and eating mindfully.  

You can enjoy eating.

I bet that you struggle with enjoying eating. Your food rules tell you what you can and can’t have.  You struggle with making food decisions that fit all of your diet rules.  You feel drained. Maybe you even feel guilty for not making your food choices fit your rules 100%

When you start ditching the diet rules, you can start enjoying eating again.  You don’t have to worry about making sure your meals fit 25 different rules.  You can eat what feels right to your body at that moment. 

When you can eat without rules, you experience more enjoyment in your food.  Food should be enjoyed.  Enjoying your food helps you feel more satisfied with your meals. 

Restaurants are less stressful.

Eating out can cause a lot of stress.  You don’t know what to have. You look at the calories on the menu and it freaks you out.  The meals don’t have the vegetables that fit with your diet rules.  It can be overwhelming.  

This gets easier when you start ditching the diet rules. You don’t have to analyze what you will have when you go out to eat.  Eating out with others should be an enjoyable experience. It is about connecting with others over a meal.  When you don’t have diet rules, you can pick what sounds good to your right then.  Do you feel like having dessert? Have it!  Without diet rules, you know that eating out isn’t going to make you unhealthy. It is something that you can do, enjoy, and have it be part of a healthy eating pattern. 

Grocery shopping is easier.

Grocery cart in aisle. Ditch the diet rules. Grocery shopping can be easy.

How are your grocery trips? Do they take a while because you spend time searching for specific products that fit your diet rules? Are you looking at nutrition labels for everything you put in your cart?  I bet you are exhausted afterward.  Diet rules keep you trapped in a cycle of worrying about everything that you plan on eating.  It keeps you constantly stressed and takes up so much of your time. 

Ditching the diet rules saves you from this exhaustion.  Imagine shopping for the foods that you like? What would it be like to pick some random item off the shelf because it looks interesting and never looking at the nutrition label?  You can do that!  Diet rules aren’t keeping your food choices “healthy”, they are keeping you tied down to restrictive habits that keep you in the grocery store for hours.  

Start trusting your body again.

Here is a hard truth. Your diet rules aren’t helping you get healthy.  Diet rules are stopping you from being able to listen to your body. When you can’t listen to your body, you are less likely to eat enough and eat the things that you need right then.  

When you ditch the rules you can start listening again.  Those cravings that your old diet rules told you to satisfy with drinking water are actually signals from your body telling you what it needs.  Are you craving a steak?  Your body may need protein or iron.  Maybe your craving is just a craving.  That is okay too. It is okay to listen to your body and satisfy your cravings.  All of this is part of trusting your body. 

Feel better.

Diet rules hit hard.  They impact you in ways you may not be aware of.  You spend your brainpower thinking up meals that fit every one of your diet rules.  You feel guilty when you’re unsuccessful. Maybe you feel shame when you eat a meal that your body told you it wanted but didn’t fit your diet rules. This is what diet rules do. They keep us feeling bad, stuck in a rut, and worrying about how we can keep up with them all.

Butterfly in cupped hands. Stop stress. Ditch the diet.

Ditching the diet rules can help you feel better.  When you don’t have all the pressure of trying to fit into the diet rules, you stop feeling as bad. You can eat with friends and family or go to the grocery store without stressing.  

Yes, you may still have days where you experience some guilt or shame for eating certain things. That is totally normal.  You’ve been following diet rules for so long that they can be hard to shake.  But you can start to feel better.  You can have more time to think about the things you want to think about. You don’t have to dwell on diet rules all the time.  

Craft a healthier realtionship with food after ditching the diet rules.

When you stop seeing food as a way to fulfill diet rules, you start to improve your relationship with food.  Food is something that helps us connect with each other and with the past. It nourishes our bodies so that we can be strong and do the things we want.  Food is enjoyable and comforting.  It is something that we should have when we are hungry. And it is okay to have food even when we aren’t hungry.  

If to you,  this sounds like permission to eat in an unhealthy way, that is your diet rules talking.  You can do all the things I described and still have a healthy eating pattern.   Not sure how to make this work for you? Here is a blog post that goes through some simple steps. Feel like you need one on one help? I am here for you. Schedule your clarity call today and see how I can help here

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