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You Need an Accountability Buddy to Help You Stop Dieting: Here’s Why

Why You Need an Accountability Buddy

You walk by your co-worker’s desk and they are talking about dieting again. You have made your commitment to quitting diet culture but their talk threatens to bring you right back in. Who do you reach out to for help sticking with your plan?

I know you want to live better without worrying about weight loss. But diet culture is tricky, especially if you live in a larger body. Your commitment to ending restrictive diets is important to you. But you can’t go it alone. You need help. You need an accountability buddy. The fact is that people who have an accountability buddy in life are more likely to succeed.

What is an Accountability Buddy

an accountability partner helps you succeed

An accountability buddy or partner is that person or group of people that keeps you going when diet culture tries to suck you back in. Your accountability buddy should be someone that really believes in the anti-diet life changes you are trying to make. They are that person that will remind you of your goals, why they are important, and motivate you to achieve them.

Let’s face it, you can’t do it all on your own. And that is okay! All of us need an accountability buddy when making life changes. Some days your diet rules may try to call you back. On those days, you can rely on your accountability buddy to keep you on track.

Think of an accountability buddy as an important piece of your weight-neutral journey: they push and challenge you to reach your full potential and then make sure that you do not backslide because diet culture is getting its teeth into you.

The Best Way to Find an Accountability Buddy for Lifestyle Changes

It is important to note that to find a good accountability buddy you need to think about what you need. Embracing mindful eating and ditching the diet rules will take a lot of effort. Your accountability buddy needs to be there for you when you need them. It is important to have someone who knows your goals and can work with you and can be there for your regularly.

Do you need someone to send you messages every day? Your accountability buddy can check in to see if you are eating mindfully. They can eat dinner with you and encourage you to eat for pleasure without diet rules.

an accountability buddy can check in daily

Do you need someone with a soft touch that can be gentle in motivating you? Or do you need someone that can be a little harder with you and more in your business?

We all need different types of support from accountability buddies. Find the person that will be a great fit for the type of support you need.

Three Types of Accountability Buddies

1. Friends and Family as Accountabilty Buddies

Friends and family can make great accountability buddies. You are around them often. They know you well enough to know where you may struggle. Friends and family may even be comfortable speaking frankly to you about how you are doing. That can be a good or bad thing depending on what you need.

Only you know what type of support you need from your accountability buddy. Friends and family may not know enough about the lifestyle change you want to make. Since they don’t know the common roadblocks, they are less able to help you avoid them.

2. Supportive Co-workers

You may find a great accountability buddy in a co-worker. Again, you probably spend a lot of time around them. They probably don’t know you as well as friends and family. This means they may not know how you need to be motivated. And they may not feel comfortable being blunt with you.

Again, depending on the style of accountability buddy you need, that might be okay with you.

Co-workers may not be as invested in you as the other types of accountability buddies. If they aren’t as invested in keeping you on track, you might not be as successful.

3. Online Groups

Online groups can be a great way to get support and motivation. When you are seeking a lifestyle change like rejecting diet culture, you need tons of support. Online groups give you an easy way to find like-minded people. You can share your frustrations and your helpful tips.

However, these groups aren’t great for giving you the one-on-one accountability that our other accountability buddies give. Also, since the people in your online group don’t know you personally, they may be less invested in your success.

2. Professional Accountability Buddies

Professionals make great accountability buddies. Professionals have particular skill sets that can make them excellently suited to help you reach certain goals. They are invested in your success. They genuinely want you to succeed.

Professionals have experience helping other people through the same issues you are facing. They know where the pitfalls are and know how to help you avoid them and stay motivated. They give great support in one-on-one settings.

Dietitian as accountability buddy

At Weight Neutral Wellness, it is part of my services to be an accountability buddy. I listen to you and your needs. Together, we come up with a plan for you.

Do you need daily check-ins? I can do that. Are you someone that needs support in the form of positive affirmation? I can make sure you have your daily dose of positivity.

I have worked with hundreds of people. Do you know how many of them needed an accountability buddy to be successful? All of them! As a nutrition and wellness professional, I am well equipped to be the accountability buddy that you need. You can reach out to me here.

Getting Started with Your Accountability Buddy

You’ve already decided what you need from your accountability buddy to be successful in pursuing a weight-neutral lifestyle. You’ve found that person that is going to be a good fit. Great! You are on your way to success! Now all you need to do is set some ground rules.

Know Your Goal

Make sure you know your goal. Be specific. Specific and realistic goals are the trick to being successful. If you don’t have a clear goal, you won’t be able to share it with your accountability buddy. Sharing your goal with them will enable them to assist you in meeting your goal.

Decide What Your Check-ins Look Like

Be really clear with how and when check-ins will happen. Do you need daily or weekly check-ins? Do you need someone to ask you specific questions? Or do you need some daily positivity and support? Would phone calls or an in-person sit-down be more meaningful to you?

Whatever you need, be clear about it. The clearer you are, the easier the relationship will be and the more successful you will be.

It is okay if you aren’t sure what type of check-in you need right now. You can always change things up if they aren’t working well for you.

You Can Do This

You’ve got your accountability buddy. You know what you need from them. You are ready to go! Having an accountability buddy on your journey with you will give you that boost you need to keep going.

Want a professional accountability buddy that knows all the pitfalls and how to help you avoid them? Let me be that helping hand on your weight-neutral journey. Reach out here.

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